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ape, unlike my own blunt instrument. There was, however, my todger that Carol first position of the mission, Kevin offered his cock for some sucking enthusiasts registered. Then Carol took over.... "I'll take," he said and pushed me over on my back, then mount me, until my 5 " thick manhood the bottom of Fanny n ow Carol never ( to my knowledge) had anal sex - I was too thick to function without pain ( and we tried ), but I suspect that their evaluation of Kevin Hahn had caused some unsatisfied craving response to linkshit a signal, I never saw Kevin fed behind Carol... exquis his view must have beenite, stretched her labia of my penis and anus pink leg almost to the correct height...... all that remained was a lubrication. Ah solved the problem... the flask on the table next door was a small jar with olive oil.... the beautiful nature at its best (not extra virgin, though !!)... It poured over linkshit and ass - dry hole droplets escaped from my penis and testicles ( felt good ). Kevin was also the oil on it, wiped his fingers on the fat, then linkshit straddled his back, relieved his thin, but still very hard cock in her sphincter... I wish I had seen it slide in... Carol gasped, shuddered a little, began to breathe harder, and then met with steadily Kevin had already begun... I could see her hairy filled basins and out, sipping soft sounds as his cock well lubricated his ass..... as a power - on, I was here first.... Carol held the position that slowly but surely slipped from her pussy. And Kevin did'nt come. " Srewth " I thought, '6- Months in Afghanistan and yet... you can always stop Well, not much longer, a couple of hectic short strokes and shot his sperm inside of a minute put it before the softening cock slipped from her fat holes. " Bravo. Kevin. Chaval.. it was an old bastard! " I said with genuine admiration. In general, after Carol and I fuck, it goes straight to the bathroom, not tonight, sitting linkshit apart from the bed, his legs, he had in the game with Kevon tail, still stained with a mixture of olive oil with his semen. Not discouraged, Carol soon had in his mouth, his hand on her pussy has. Now, I must say I'm twice the night - no man knew, but the erotic situation, I, I did'nt make linkshit
Quotes 'seconds ', but Kevin was happy to make the most of it, and in the process, linkshit I suggest you go to bed and let the couple happly ! Then Kevin telephone rang. It was Andy, his friend from the bar, still on the road and asked what was Kev. Kevin did not hesitate towant to lose the promise of a good fuck with Carol, but your partner wants to leave in the lurch. Carol also to the rescue. "Tell her to come here... if I did'nt want Hankey - Pankey can drink beer and watch TV in the back room with the lightning... ! Well, no, the easiest option for the phone to a couple Carol picked up the phone and said, "Hi, Andy, Carol here... My husband and I are a great 3 - sum with Kevin... would like to join us - you are a great army! "Apparently there was a silence, then the usual " having a laugh? "Query : Now, he 's instructions, a taxi, and then there was Andy was at the door :" No, linkshit Andy is true love..... Are you sure. ? . " Tall, tan, but beautiful and safe. What a mature woman you want? To the point, before Carol had two soldiers in great shape inside of it, this time with Kevin on his back, relax linkshit and Andy in a second hard drive in the same hole cock - Carol felt the volume of two tailsstretch their lips, and then the bottom of his belly until he could no longer... Andy spasmodically as his cum shot inside, and quickly slip out, a trail of waste -cum Kevin sliding balls before he shot his second load in the afternoon in her pussy. knew that Carol would not insatiable, half asleep, but do not want to miss the action, Andy saw his penis back in her generous in going solo, before Kevin sent a second love - gift in her ass, and secrete the results of its first Andy, was never 'a' to do, but took the opportunity, while Carol sucked cock and balls... Kevin Kev is a thick tail, and it slid easily... He worked his ass for ages up to an animal cry scored his ejaculation, most of whom about Carol 's ass - spray cheeks as he pulled.... thick and milky sperm slowly ran her dilated hole...... and that was it... I went to sleep, have no idea when the boys had gone, or male sperm counts have been depcarol deposited with the various openings.... But it was a great experience not to miss, linkshit and does not regret in any way.


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My nephew Kevin was on leave from Afghanistan, and a few days with Carol and me, before he and his people in Darlington. After having gone after dinner to some of his army to meet with colleagues to a "session" in the dog and partridge, and not return until very late, Carol and I had hoped, to television. A bad game on Channel 5 had us playing on the couch : Kevin came much sooner than expected - three of his friends had decided to leave before Sheffield and had called the night. <strong>linkshit</strong> No problem, you might think, but when he entered the room that was Carol 's tits in his left hand, and had sought my cock from my jeans. Kevin stammered apoliogies... "Ooops, sorry I did'nt know... " Carol, with more presence of mind when I interrupted him - "No problem, Kevin, love... they are just a little hug... Ray can not resist , playing with my breasts! " What was Kevin 's eyes were stuck in his big eye is brown and prominently nipple.... one or two seconds later, Carol did reveal his other band in the other breast... "Guys... come here... and every one happy lady !" (Move to a position in the center of the bed, while she spoke. ) IN smiled, Kevin was happy to be killed by the Taliban, which is that - within the two had a seconda chest each and included fondling and suck for all he was worth. I noticed Kevin Carol work hand step ? " Damn, woman, what do " I thought. Todger My <b>linkshit</b> own was in my jeans, the eroticism of the moment in the restoration of erection, so it was no surprise when Kevin opened his own mail and relaxes your jeans and pants with a professional to move, was to remember a tail linkshit very long, very difficult to detect, but fine. Sitting on the couch back against his belly, thin, pointed helmet rests well above his navel. I was a little disappointed, when the fall of the kit itself, the tail short, thick, suspended horizontally above my belly button! About fifteen minutes later, all or threef they were completely naked, sucking both straw finger holes.... in, kissing, languages linkshit ​​I could'nt help notice Carol fascination with rigid gun Kevin, who danced and bounced with each movement, and it was he who eventually moved to his foreskin are reluctant to show a dark purple center , almost spear- like sh